Data Scientist, Project Manager, IT Engineer, IT Consultant, Webdesigner

What have I done so far?

I make IT projects and improve the proceedings in support to the business as a technical consultant. I analyze the needs of the business and translate it into a functional design. I communicate the implementation of new functionalities to the concerned departments. Additional informatisation requirements are detected by me. I analyze questions from the departments and deliver support to them and the offices. Document procedures and user instructions are written by me.
As project manager in the the windows and doors sector, I'm ensuring everything runs smoothly but also everything is done to meet specification & deadlines. Organising all materials needed for each job as well as all material handling services such as cranes, scissor lifts to do everything as safe & efficiently as possible. Manage the relationship with the client as establishing and maintain relationships with third parties/vendors. Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation using Plenion sofware.
As an energy analyst I manage the energy-meteringsystem. I make energry eports on request, of which I follow the effect of improvement proposals. I use this system to make a forecast for electricity consumption. If abnormalities occur in the system I try to find a solution. I incorporate all energy bills and make a summary report on a monthly basis to the departments. Every month I calculate the carbonate-emissions for the energy convenant.
In addition to energy analyst I assist the environmental coordinator at the follow-up of total waste management, emission measurements, sound measurements, input of databases, ... View and resolve problem situations in the enterprise. Maintaining waste registers, reviewing and classifying destruction certificates. ADR checks and archiving in according to Global Information standard procedure.
As a safety assistant at the Ford Lommel Proving Ground I was responsible for providing safety sessions for the visitors.
Important tasks were making risk assessments, analyzing accidents and how to avoid them. Composing safety cards and powerpoints to make employees aware.

Volunteer Work

After a long career as a handball player I want to pass my experience to youth. It's not only technique but a life package, it is important that young people learn to deal with set backs, working for and in a team.

I train oldsters by giving workouts, it is mainly for fun. I get a lot of appreciation by committing myself. With great pleasure I made the website of the organization .


In leisure time

I like to spend my time as a volunteer. It is important that children participate in sports in terms of their physical health and learning to work as a team.
That way they are able to discover new skills and this simply for the joy of playing. For socially excluded young people, sports can bring an important sense of worth, belonging and for some a route to higher education.

My family is precious, so it is important to spend my spare time with them. This is a time of sharing and growing.
It is all fun and we enjoy the time of being together as a family.

“Many men can make a fortune but very few can build a family.”

Some impressions of spending time with my family

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Birth of my son

This was my first movie that I've made. It is a compilation of some beautiful moments.
Time passes quickly but m
y memories are inside me. They're not things or a place, I can take them anywhere.

Taeko Wando Blue Red Belt

The music and Taegeuks fit well with the film. By watching this video you will relax.
Bernd and Jens do their exams together and perform simultaneous the Taegeuks.